About The Helpful Punter

I have been betting and winning on horse racing for the past decade.

This website and its associated resources and services have been created to help others develop their betting skills and learn how to assess value in horse racing markets.

To read why I take a value approach to my betting, and to learn why you should too, see the Value betting information.

The no-commitment Betting Tissue Club will give real-race practice in compiling your own betting tissues, which I see as the most important step anyone must take towards making money from betting. The resources and guides that will help you are all free, and any submissions you make via the Club are anonymous.

The Betting Skills Resources focus on a host of different elements that must be mastered to become proficient as a punter, and a whizz at assessing value in horse racing markets.

The Hong Kong pages are devoted to analysing the performances of all horses competing in HK via my own unique sectional-adjusted speed ratings, which are created from standard times I have myself produced following extensive data analysis.

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I hope you find The Helpful Punter useful — and profitable.